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Real Dominican HighLux Adventure

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14 Days 13 Nights


8-12 (Small Group travel) you can ask about our “Solo Experience” 

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  • Transportation · Personal Guide · Photos/videos (If desired) · Breakfast · Lunch · Dinner · Excursions according to the program ·



Trip Insurance · Excursions not Included in the Program · Medical Insurance · Taxes



Dolphin Discovery · Escape Park ·  4 Wheel Excursion · Isla Saona


This excursion reflects Peace, adventure Health and Comfort. This is designed for small group travel of 14-16 people. We will visit the most beautiful attractions of the Dominican Republic and at the same time, we will move to live that Peace and Health offered by Ecotourism in the most beautiful mountains of the Caribbean. This trip will make you feel: como un Dominicano de “PURA SEPA!”


The trip will take us to see very autonomous villages and healthy environments such as Constanza, Jarabacoa and San Jose de las Matas where we will enjoy Aguas Azufradas (Hotsprings). But also we will visit the best beaches that the Dominican Republic offers.


With us, you will live a unique experience that will mark the rest of your life… Escape to the Beautiful sunny beaches and most importantly to the Green of the Dominican Republic. Design your trip and personalize it with real experiences filled with educational fun. YOU WILL! build bonds, connect, horse-back ride, play dominoes and climb the tallest mountain in the Caribbean.


Please NOTE: We are community-Based, meaning the place we visit we always do it with the purpose to change someone’s life. CHANGE IS NOT MONETARY!




NAME: Welcome Nice To Meet You!

DESCRIPTION: USA- La Romana RD / Country House (It can also Be Punta Cana Contact us Now!)

Casa De Campo is a dream! one of the most exclusive tourist projects in the Caribbean has a variety of facilities, including Marina, Las Minitas one of the most outstanding beaches in the country, tennis court, polo, Altos de Chavon a century plueblo XVI in which it houses an amphitheater, museum, church, design school and several restaurants. In the country house, Casa De Campo takes pride in having three Professional golf courses. Before the trips begin to get more in touch with nature we share a luxurious dinner in one of the most memorable Marinas in the world.



Hotel in Casa de Campo. Dinner at the Hotel Accommodation in Casa De Campo Country House Country House Resort and Villas.




NAME: Let’s Get ARTSY!

DESCRIPTION: Country House – Altos de Chavon Altos de Chavón is a re-creation of a Mediterranean style European village located atop the Chavón River in La Romana, Dominican Republic. It is the most popular attraction in the city and hosts a cultural center, an archeological museum, and an amphitheater. The project was conceived by the Italian architect Roberto Copa, and the industrialist Charles Bluhdorn.” you will be able to stay in Altos de Chavon and visit a beautiful small village where you can experience some history of the island. Altos de Chavon is a place where we can catch a Juan Luis Guerra or the National Symphony Orchestra (Dominican Republic) we assure you it will be a life changing Experience.


INCLUDED: Breakfast Lunch in Altos de Chavon Dinner at the Casa de Campo Marina Altos de Chavon Accommodation




NAME: I Can’t Wait to get on the Road AGAIN!

DESCRIPTION: Altos de Chavon – Santo Domingo Colonial Zone was the first European city in the New World, founded by Bartolome Colon in 1946 in the city of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, declared in 1990 by UNESCO World Heritage Site, discover its buildings such as Alcazar de Colon, The first Cathedral of the new world or the Ozama Fortress.


INCLUDED: Breakfast Exit to Santo Domingo. Lunch at El Conuco Colonial Zone Tour Accommodation at Hotel Zona Colonial




NAME: Nothing Like the Smell of Fresh Air

DESCRIPTION: We have to get on the Road nice and Early today. But trust us today will be an amazing day. Constanza is a town and municipality in the province of La Vega in the Dominican Republic. Located in the Cordillera Central of the Dominican Republic, it is located approximately 1,250 meters above sea level and is known as the Switzerland of the Caribbean. It is the highest city on Española Island, although Pico Duarte, in the central mountain range, is the highest point of the Greater Antilles. It has 59,052 inhabitants.2 Great part of the population is descendant of Spanish immigrants (coming from Burgos, Palencia and Vizcaya), Hungarians, Japanese, as well as in smaller amount of Arabs, Jews, Pakistanis, Koreans, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Chinese and Brazilians The people of ethnic minorities usually live in colonies where they live according to the customs of their ancestors. The three most outstanding and colonies are the Spanish Colony, a few meters from the entrance of the city, the Hungarian Colony, to the southeast, and the Japanese Colony. So you will begin to notice that this part of the island is a lot more Green.


INCLUDED: Day 4 Santo Domingo – Constanza Breakfast Departure to Constanza Lunch and dinner at Villa in Constanza Accommodation in Villa In Constanza



NAME: The Road Less Travelled DESCRIPTION: Very Relaxed and full of team building activities. This Day is designed to get a chance to know each other more and make a friend who will last a lifetime.

INCLUDED: Aguas Blancas breakfast Aguas Blancas Excursion lunch Dinner and Lodging Villa


NAME: “Be Like Water My Friend”~Bruce Lee DESCRIPTION: Today We go on our first day of Camping! for those who can handle it. If you want a nice comfy bed you will receive the option. For the other adventurous status quo breaking homies, today will be a great time. Jarabacoa, his name is due to the Taino Indians who lived there before the arrival of the Spaniards; they called it that, whose name means “land of water sources.” The beginning of our ecological experience, we can enjoy the multiple ecological and adventurous activities that are organized, such as Rafting, Parapenting, hiking .. etc. Or simply enjoy the tranquility of the symphony of Nature.


INCLUDED: Jarabacoa Breakfast Departure to Jarabacoa



NAME: Where does the time go?


INCLUDED: Breakfast Visit to the Jimenoa waterfall Lunch at El Buen Sabor Visit Monte Alto Coffee Factory Dinner and Lodging The Woods Jarabacoa and It’s FLowers!




NAME: It’s A Gentlemen’s Day


DESCRIPTION: Santiago de los Caballeros is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic, the head municipality of the province of Santiago and the main metropolitan center of the northern region, or Cibao. It was founded in 1495 during the first wave of Spanish colonization of the New World as the “First Santiago of America”. It is located in the north-central region of the country known as the Cibao Valley, about 155 km northwest of Santo Domingo and at an average altitude of 178 meters above sea level. With a total area of 612 km21, Santiago de los Caballeros is one of the main economic, financial, political, social and cultural centers of the Dominican Republic. It is also an important industrial center of rum, textiles, cigars and tobacco industry, all are there. Shoe factories, leather goods, and furniture are an important part of the economic life of the region and the country.


INCLUDED: Jarabacoa – Santiago – Tobacco Factory Breakfast Departure to Santiago visit to City Tour Santiago included Tobacco Factory Lunch in Santiago Dinner and accommodation in Santiago



NAME: Escape to The GREEN!

DESCRIPTION: Sunday is A Special Day in the city of SAJOMA and a great opportunity to eat a Chimmi in the middle of the city at night. San José de Las Matas, located in the Cordillera Central del Pais, the most important mountainous area in the country and has the highest points of the Antilles reaches its peak at the Duarte peak with 3175 meters. It has an area of 1,505.9 km², which makes it the municipality with the greatest territorial extension of the country. It limits to the north with the municipality of Santiago and with the Valverde province, to the south with the province of San Juan, to the east with the municipality of Jánico and to the west with the province of Santiago Rodríguez. San José de las Matas was a kind of natural hospital because their many people from different parts of the country came to seek well being especially the tuberculous ones. Horacio Vásquez was the first President of the Republic who established residence in San José de las Matas. When Trujillo assumed power in 1930, he became interested in that mansion and perfected it to his liking. In 1932 he lived there for six months. It is believed that Trujillo had symptoms of tuberculosis. By decree he declared San José de las Matas the seat of the Executive Power. On December 3, 1932, in that mansion, Flor de Oro Trujillo, daughter of President (Dictator) Trujillo, married with Porfirio Rubirosa. San José de las Matas has an excellent climate, with 2 dry seasons of short duration and two rainy seasons that last most of the year. The annual average temperature is 24.1C (75.38 F) in the day and a minimum average temperature at night is 18.5C (65.3 F).


INCLUDED: San Jose de las Matas Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner at Caseta Villa in Sajoma.


DAY 10

NAME: We are all a Happy family.

DESCRIPTION: Monción is one of the three municipalities of the province of Santiago Rodríguez in the Dominican Republic. The Monción dam is located just east of the city. This dam a long time ago responsible for bringing electricity to part of the providence.

INCLUDED: Sajoma – Moncion, 28km / 51min Punta Rucia, 83km / 2.5 hours Breakfast Accommodations Punta Rucia


Day 11:

NAME: It’s Truly Paradise


DESCRIPTION: Punta Rucia Punta Rucia has become thanks to its magnificent qualities in one of the small paradises of the North coast of the Dominican Republic. its clear waters, which come from the Bay of Isabela. They harbor huge coral settlements, together with a great abundance of different marine species. Among the different activities that can be performed on the beach, it is important to practice water sports such as diving or snorkeling. In addition, the beach of Punta Rucia has a privileged position, since nearby there is Arenal Key, an impressive white sand settlement, in whose waters people take advantage of activities such as diving or snorkeling since these They house a rich underwater ecosystem. Neither can we leave aside the Estero Hondo lagoon, in which large flocks of wild birds stop. The lagoon is inside the national park of the manatees of Estero Hondo, where you can observe the beauty of these animals. Undoubtedly, Punta Rucia is one of the small paradises that you can not miss in your visit to the Dominican Republic.


INCLUDED: Accommodation in Punta Rucia Let us surprise you! It’s a dream


DAY 12

NAME: Beach Party with a service cost

DESCRIPTION: Punta Rucia This day is our last party night as a team this trip! Let’s enjoy it.

INCLUDED: Accommodation in Punta Rucia Lodge · Morning: Community Service in Punta Rucia · Lunch: Beach Front · Afternoon: Beach Games (Volleyball, dominoes, teambuilding, chess, monopoly) · Night: Beach Party


DAY 13


NAME: It was a pleassure, please stay in touch


DESCRIPTION: Today we do a recap of a Life Changing Experience. Thank you so Much INCLUDED: Accommodation in Punta Rucia


DAY 14

NAME: Just hold on we’re going home

DESCRIPTION: INCLUDED: Punta Rucia – Puerto Plata Breakfast Transfer to Puerto Plata/Santiago airport   End of Trip


NAME: Dominican Republic Discovery: SAMANA BAY


ATTRIBUTES: Group:14-16 Private Transportation


COUPONS; 250 off If you buy today (Countdown) With Flight


HIGHLITHTS; In this excursion, we will condos “La Bahia de Samana” located on the north coast of the country, among its attractions are the islands that serve as nesting sites for pelicans and frigates, caves with pre-Columbian pictographs and petroglyphs and tributaries of protected rivers and mangroves. In Holy Week, the Bay of Samaná is enriched by the visit of the Humpback Whales, which stop in the bay. Next to the bay is the National Park Los Haitises, which is popular for its caves with pictographs and petroglyphs of Taíno origin, its diversity of birds, its mangroves, islands, and islets (Los Haitises was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO). Also, the Bay of Samaná is part of the Marine Mammal Sanctuary of the Dominican Republic, with the purpose of protecting the whales and the dolphins that visit its waters. Each year, more than 50,000 tourists visit the Bay of Samaná only to see humpback whales, which makes the bay one of the most important natural, tourist and economic areas for the Dominican Republic. With us you will live a unique experience that will mark the rest of your life …. Escape to the Sun Beach and Green of the Dominican Republic.


WHAT IS INCLUDED? Nights Accommodation in Hostels/ Villa

: 1 Night in Punta Cana/Romana

1 Night in Santo Domingo

2 Nights in Samana

Rest of the trip in Santiago (North of the Island)


Team Building

Cultural Experience

Personal Guide

Photos/videos (If desired)

Excursions according to the program.

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